Jan 12, 2009


A huge part of being in artist is Meetings. One of my close friends made fun of me when I was in grad school; 'you're always at a meeting!' But, here I am, a bona fide artist, and that's still a big part of life. Today, I meet with the owner of Broadway Gallery, where my solo show is up, and where I often curate the work of other shows, to figure out the plan for next year. Then, off to the office of the Visual Arts Journal, the School of Visual Art's publication. I was interviewed last month about my world's fair project and am crossing my fingers it goes to press! Then the more mundane tasks; drop a file at Printspace for the piece I sold through my show, and then, work for a few hours.

And in between all of that, I am bidding on a new camera on ebay. My old camera, covered in black tape and shaky as can be, has lived a good and fast life. Time to work with something a bit more robust and accurate. Here is the object of my desire:

If any of you, my faithful readers, happen to read this today and want to help out a struggling artist who needs new equipment, all donations are welcome! :)

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