May 29, 2009

Nervous Anticipation

I nervously await and attempt to stop 'doing stuff'.... I set 10 p.m. as the stop working in the studio time but that has come and gone. Tomorrow are the Red Hook open studios, and this is the first time I will be publicly sharing my work space to local art-ivores. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather and a great turn-out!

May 28, 2009


When: May 30-31st, Sat-Sun
Time: 12-5
What is it: Open studios! I will have on display new and old photographs from my World's Fair and Red Hook bodies of work.
Directions and list of participating artists here

My studio:
14 Verona Street #203
Brooklyn NY 11231


Brian Ulrich's new show at Julie Saul was a wonderfully timely exhibition considering the current in-the-trenches state of big box stores such as Circuit City and the financial crisis. Following on the heels of his work examining the remnants of material goods when they finally are dumped off in thrift stores and flea markets, the newer work was complimentary and beautiful. Carefully photographed large-format, the once easily-recognizable big box stores remained as closed and silent as tombs, and the small, pristine prints helped to highlight their ultimate anonymity.

© Brian Ulrich

Where to Begin, This is the Beginning, Again

I have moved back to Red Hook, my beloved old muse. Already I can feel the inspiration flowing.

A colleague of mine said artists see the world how they want to see it, as if they have special filters over their brains and eyeballs. I love this neighborhood because it is easy to see things in a crystalline, perfect light.