Sep 3, 2009

MILES FROM HOME Group Show opens Saturday September 5th


The Bakery Artspace
a newly established gallery by the artist James Casebere

September 5 - September 20, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 5, 2 - 5 P.M.
18 Garden Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

The Bakery Artspace is pleased to present Miles From Home, a group exhibition in which twelve artists explore the fragmentary and shifting nature of the world around them in correlation to their own development as a newly established collective of creative individuals.

The typical notion of home is one of safety and stability; but home, particularly now, is subjective, constantly changing, and often based on illusory memories. Within this realm of uncertainty, these artists utilize the photographic medium to explore the role that risk plays in their lives and work. An artist coming into their own at any time faces the unknown, gazes into the void, and takes a risk by plunging in, by making work, by not giving into society's obvious structures, and by creating their own community within which to develop, inspire, and take chances. As the models around us undergo a series of great shifts— in the economy, in the art market, in technology, in distribution modes, in communication itself—these artists see themselves presented with opportunity.

This collection of work does not try to provide answers, or to prophesy the future. Rather, these artists are building their own maps, creating their own pathways through the world and their work, and seeking the roads that will move them forward. They are taking hold of an unpredictable future with a firmer grasp, this show being the first result of their collective strength and inspiration.

Artists include:

Erica Allen

Rachel Barrett

Clayton Cotterell

Jade Doskow

J. Alan Hamill

Ben Handzo

Allison Kaufman

Bryan Lear

Alison Malone

Sarah Palmer

Christopher Rodriguez

Lucas Thorpe

The Bakery Artspace is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 - 6 P.M.