May 19, 2010

A Bit Belatedly, the opening of Urban Utopia, April 24th at 32 Greene Street

On the 24th was the opening for 'Urban Utopia,' a show I had work in at 32 Greene Street in Soho, and put together by Kipton Art. Lots of my friends and family showed up and I forced them to pose with my work! Here they are....

From left to right:
Aimai Reporter
Brandon Geist
Cat & David Del Buono
Charlotte Canner
David Leventi
Erin Gleeson
Myself with Brandon Geist
Jared Bunde
The siblings: Vivian & Gerald
Steve Mallon
Peiheng Tsai
Penny White & Stephanie Bok
Maya Geist
Sean Eno
Me + Pablo Ravazanni
Me + My hubby, Lamb Fernando!

Thanks to everyone who went to the show.