Jun 11, 2009

Jun 9, 2009


I'm sure you're wondering, 'what happened at the open studios'?
Well.....I wasn't sure what to expect seeing as Red Hook has gotten much trendier than its heyday of drugs and violence, but it still more of a trek than say---a studio building right by the subway. Nonetheless, around 86 people came and looked at my and Lambert's work. Most of them were really lovely art enthusiasts, and overall, it was wonderful to explain my projects and photographs to so many people who had never been exposed to it. It was kind of like a 14 hour artist talk that went in circles.


After a rather dark break-up with the Broadway Gallery in Soho (after curating 10 shows for the space) I am back in the curatorial circuit! I have started working with a great new gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Space 414. Below is the call for entries for the first show I am helping to put together:


In celebration of Bastille Day, Space 414 provides an opportunity to ruminate on the idea of 'nationalistic identity.' Bastille Day helped to create modern France, abolishing feudalism and forming the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

What defines a nation has become more and more ambiguous in modern times. Is it the language one speaks? The religion one follows? The boundaries on a map? The food one eats? Or is it as simple as living under the same government? Or is it the 'brand of a nation,' the image the government imposes upon the rest of the world as to what a country stands for?

The artists in 'Loyalty to Whom' examine the concept of what national identity can---or does---mean in 2009, be that a French truffle, a national monument, or the geographical or philosophical understanding of a nation.

This is a photography and video show.

If you have work related to these ideas, please submit 5 jpegs at 72 dpi to jade.doskow@gmail.com

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