Oct 4, 2012

Special Edition of World's Fair Prints Available through Wall Space Gallery

I am pleased to present a special, limited edition set of prints from my world's fair project available only through Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, California. The 13"x19" prints are priced at $250 a piece, or $1350 for the entire set of six. This is a great way to begin collecting the series. You can contact the gallery at 805.637.3898 | gallery@wall-spacegallery.com for more information.

Nov 16, 2011

World's Fair on Huff Post!

Special installments of my larger project on the remaining sites and structures of world's fair sites begin today on the Huffington Post---enjoy!

© Jade Doskow Seattle 1962 World's Fair, "The Century 21 Exposition," Universal Fountain, 2010

Nov 4, 2011

Live today on the Huffington Post!

I'm pleased to announce that I have been invited to join the Huffington Post's brand new Photography Blog! You can find my first slideshow which includes select images from my Structure Americana Series.

Sep 16, 2011

Join us in ARCHITECTURE AND PHOTOGRAPHY at the School of Visual Arts

If you have been enjoying this blog and are in the NYC area, join me in the classroom at the School of Visual Arts for my favorite class of all time to teach, ARCHITECTURE & PHOTOGRAPHY at the School of Visual Arts. Combining lecture, in-class shooting time, special assignments, and critique, this class will give you a solid basis from which to appreciate and create architectural pictures. We look at lots of amazing fine art and commercial photographers such as Ezra Stoller, Julius Shulman, Edouard Baldus, Andrew Moore, Richard Pare, and Robert Polidori. Sign up now as class begins next Friday September 23. Hope to see you there!

© Julius Shulman

Yours truly now represented by the wonderful Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA

I am pleased to announce that I am now represented by Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA, under the direction of the stellar Crista Dix. I am honored to be part of this phenomenal group of artists.

And we're off! First opening night in Chelsea

September 8 marked the official beginning of gallery season---dealers back from the Hamptons, artists back from their residencies, and art lovers back from the beach all showed up for the openings. One fun show was Nick Cave's blond yeti-creatures at Jack Shainman Gallery. At Yancey Richardson Gallery Helen Van Meene turned her lens from children and adolescents to dogs and Amy Elkins showed portraits of slightly bloodied rugby players. Over at Yossi Milo Gallery Pieter Hugo opened the season with large, post- apocalyptic portraits of trash-pickers at the giant technology dumps in Ghana. Shen Wei's captivating landscapes at Julie Saul showed a wonderful contrast between the Israeli desert scenery and the sites of politically charged events.

© Shai Kremer Zaura 2008

Jul 23, 2011

Revisiting Red Hook

Recently I have returned to photographing Red Hook, Brooklyn, a neighborhood I have been exploring visually since 2003. In 2006 suddenly the neighborhood became very trendy, thanks to an Ikea and a Fairway supermarket, and suddenly folks from other areas began popping up everywhere---there were even boatloads of tourists descending upon the waterfront! Disgusted by the sudden popularity of the area, I put away my camera, for the most part, for a year or two.

This past year, I started seeing the old buildings and weed-filled lots with fresh eyes, in part thanks to the photography course I am teaching at the School of Visual Arts, Modern Ruins: Photographing Brooklyn's Industrial Landscapes. In the heat of the summer I took out the 4x5 and with the help of my assistant Alex began, once again, to photograph the neighborhood.

Seeing a project through over a long period of time is a challenge on many levels. It is not the same as making singular images, and it goes against the whole idea of trend in the art world. Something I have struggled with since finishing graduate school in 2008 is regaining a sense of 'poetic innocence' while picture-making---making photographs that are both spiritually and conceptually fulfilling. Finally I feel I am regaining that ground. It has been a struggle---this year I am a new mom, teaching a lot, and really thinking about my life's goals---but finally, I am remembering and re-appreciating what first made me love shooting architecture and its connection to the urban environment in the first place.