Oct 14, 2008


Well wanted to add a brief something in here....have been on my honeymoon in Puerto Rico for the last couple of weeks, which has been quite an adventure, from the boozshie pools at El San Juan Resort and Casino to the wild coasts of Rincon to the insane, extremely verdant jungles and mountains of the interior of the island. After that, the odd, decrepit city of Ponce, the rain forests of El Yunque, and now....stuck in Fajardo, a small coastal town trying to escape the island before the hurricane scheduled for tomorrow!

So, rather than go to the tropical Caribbean island of Vieques as planned, we've decided to abandon PR and head to New Mexico instead, one of our favorite places to road-trip, camp, and make 4 x 5's. My friend Sarah Palmer has made some pretty sweet pictures out there.

Shelter, White Sands
2008, Sarah Palmer

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