Oct 24, 2008

SHARON CORE and AMY ELKINS at Yancey Richardson Gallery

Several good shows opened up last night, including Sharon Core and Amy Elkins at Yancey Richardson Gallery.

Sharon Core's show in the main gallery, 'Early American,' featured exquisite still lives, an homage, in essence, to Raphaelle Peale, considered the first early American still life painter.

In the rear project gallery was Amy Elkin's project 'Wallflowers,' featuring cute young men up-front-and-center of flowered wallpaper.

I loved these two projects together. It would have been great to see the works in one room, instead of separate spaces. Both artists used a painterly, careful use of light and color palette; both are heavily entrenched in art historical reference.

This show is open until December 6th.

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