Sep 26, 2008


A big part of American worlds fair history is the geodesic dome, the creation of a wildly brilliant engineer / inventor named Buckminster Fuller.

The show currently open at the Whitney museum is a brilliant portrayal of two creator's interpretations of how we experience space --- and domes. Buckminster's dome was featured prominently in the Montreal 1967 worlds fair.
In addition to Fuller's drawings, models, photographs, and other such paraphernelia, there was also an exhibition of Paul McCarthy's work. Instead of the performance art involving condiments and cooks which most people are so familiar with, this was installations examining how we understand space. One piece involved standing in the middle of a small, square room which slowly rotated. Each wall had one door in the center. As it slowly rotated---viewers standing inside and spinning along with it---each wall started slowly opening up, the door opening slowly and then slamming shut violently. It was disorienting and an interesting examination of our perception of structure as a solid and non-moving entity.

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