Sep 16, 2011

And we're off! First opening night in Chelsea

September 8 marked the official beginning of gallery season---dealers back from the Hamptons, artists back from their residencies, and art lovers back from the beach all showed up for the openings. One fun show was Nick Cave's blond yeti-creatures at Jack Shainman Gallery. At Yancey Richardson Gallery Helen Van Meene turned her lens from children and adolescents to dogs and Amy Elkins showed portraits of slightly bloodied rugby players. Over at Yossi Milo Gallery Pieter Hugo opened the season with large, post- apocalyptic portraits of trash-pickers at the giant technology dumps in Ghana. Shen Wei's captivating landscapes at Julie Saul showed a wonderful contrast between the Israeli desert scenery and the sites of politically charged events.

© Shai Kremer Zaura 2008

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