Jul 11, 2011


© Jess T. Dugan
Self-Portrait with Mom,
Mirror, 2010

One gem out of the summer groups shows is FAMILY VALUE at Michael Mazzeo Gallery, open until August 5th. Mostly photography with a spattering of drawings, collage, hand embroidery, and installation, the work in this exhibition was dynamic, disturbing, and beautifully crafted. Rather than stick with traditional notions of the nuclear or extended family, the artists in this show touched upon transgender identity within family (Jess T. Dugan), siamese twins (Katharina Lepik), the fatigue of motherhood (Juliana Gamino), lost photographs from homes in New Orleans (Will Steacy), and the fragility of the aging family member (Justine Reyes).

The artists in the show:
Jacqueline Bates
Juliana Beasley
Annabel Clark
Kristen Dorata
Jess T. Dugan
Juliana Gamino
Jessica Hines
Katharina Lepik
Carlos Loret de Mola
Brigitte Lustenberger
Stacy Renee Morrison
Rachelle Mozman
Josh Quigley
Justine Reyes
Kerri Rosenstein
Chris Sellas
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Paul Shore
Gerald Slot & Neil LaBute
Hrvoje Slovenc
Will Steacy
Amanda Tiller

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