Nov 29, 2009

Fast Chelsea Gallery Hop Update

A blow-through of some art I have seen recently that made an impression:

David Hockney: Recent Paintings
at Pace Wildenstein in Chelsea--
These paintings were great fun for me, giant, vividly hued canvases of landscapes and trees that fell somewhere in between Dr.Suess and Pissaro.

Yao Lu's New Landscapes at Bruce Silverstein:
These elegant digital paintings depict mounds of garbage covered in delicate green nets; the effect from afar is to experience an ancient imperialistic dynasty painting; up close, the digital work and contemporary subject matter come into view, including construction waste, polluted water, and other environmental catastrophes. I quite liked the concept and the shapes of these works. However, the digital 'crunchiness' of the garbage mounds I found detrimental to the feeling of the work.

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